The Silph Company
The Silph Comapny, or Silph Co. for short, is an economic powerhouse that has quickly taken the region by storm. They have mastered mass production, distribution chains, and every other economic policy. Based in Saffron City, The Silph Company has become an economic juggernaut, crushing all opposition swiftly and efficiently. It is divided into dozens of subdivisions, with the most prominent listed below.

Silph Power Division
The Silph Power Division has likely had the most tangible impact on the region of Kanto as a whole. They were the ones that figured out how to more easily create weaker Magnemite that were still capable of producing power. They constructed the Power Plant in the Chiba Valley, and keep it operational. This division keeps almost all of Kanto supplied with power at all times.

Silph Capture Division
The Capture Division focuses mainly on the construction of Pokeballs. The main plants are in Vermillion City, where hundreds of Pokeballs are pumped out and shipped across the region every day. While only capable of creating Pokeballs, Greatballs, and Ultra Balls, as well as mundane capture tools such as Glue Cannons and Nets, the majority of the Pokeballs in use in Kanto have "Silph" stamped on them.

Silph Agricultural Division
The Silph Agricultural Division is in charge of creation of crops as well as the enhancement of said crops. Based in Viridian City due to its proximity to many farm fields, the Agricultural Division is responsible for the recent advancement in Rattata-toxic crops, an advancement that helped to increase farm yields incredibly.

Silph Pokemon Research Division
The Silph Pokemon Research Division is the most productive for the common trainer. They research enhancements, natural or otherwise, that help make Pokemon stronger. Their most recent advancement, the RedEye, allows Pokemon a variety of enhanced vision capabilities. In addition, most of the Vitamins as well as Healing Items are produced by the Silph Research Division.

The Rangers
The Rangers is the biggest program undertaken after Lance rose to power. With the increased Wild Pokemon threat, people from all around the region called for enhanced security. That's what the Ranger Corps provide. They are a massive body of highly trained specialist prepared to combat Pokemon at all times. When it comes to battling Wild Pokemon, the Rangers have no equal. With their specialized Stylers they can drive off most threats without combat.

There is at least a small Ranger base in every city. Rangers also roam the roads quite often, trying to help defend traveling trainers. The Rangers are widely viewed as a beneficial party. Few, if any, have complaints against the Rangers and what they do, which is not surprising with how much they help the region as a whole.

The Elite
The Elite are a select band of some of the strongest Trainers in Kanto. None of them are affiliated with a Gym, or the Rangers, or Team Rocket. They are simply a band of the very best Trainers in the region. They aren't a mercenary crew either, which perplexes many people. Why form a group if you're not going to earn money? The fact is, the Elites foreswear any formal duty in pursuit of bettering themselves and their Pokemon. A single Elite is a force to be reckoned with, and any group that earns their collective wrath should be worried. They truly are some of the strongest Trainers in Kanto. They are highly selective in their recruitment; if the Trainer is anything less than borderline perfection, they're rejected.

Team Rocket
Team Rocket is a massive group that spans the width of Kanto. They are in every city, and even many of the small towns. A huge group, they help the region more than perhaps any other body. They exist as a sort of public works commission. They help with dozens of projects in cities, refusing pay for their work. They help new Trainers acquire their first Pokemon or even help train, sometimes giving Trainers donations or free rooms. In areas such as Viridian, they bring in food, although they are forced to charge for that. Team Rocket is a beloved organization and has helped greatly in the recovery of Kanto.

Cinnabar Air Force
The Cinnabarians are well know for their prodigious skill in battle, and their Air Force are the best known in Cinnabar. Each and every one of these highly trained soldiers rides a Charizard, an impressive feat in its own right. These soldiers can fight better in the air, better on the ground, hell, these soldiers can fight in free fall. While it has been years since they were truly deployed in combat, the Cinnabar Air Force has remained sharp.

The Brawlers
Most Pokemon battles, while brutal, are rarely to the death. The Brawlers ignore that little caveat. Their battles, where massive gambles are staked on the battle, are always to the death. They have no small amount of infamy within Kanto; after all, they are basically throwing away powerful and tame(ish) Pokemon on a whim. Unfortunately for them, gambling on a non-League sanctioned battle is illegal. While it is normally ignored, the law has taken notice of these trainers for some reason.

The Academy
The Academy is coalition of the best and brightest in Kanto. These geniuses meet regularly to plan new technology as well as question new devices. They also study Pokemon, providing large amounts of information in that area as well. Oak was previously the leader of The Academy, but recently stepped down because he found the new goal of The Academy in contrast with his own. The Academy has slowly been moving towards Pokemon weaponry, something that Oak is not a sponsor of.

Seafoam Avengers
A small remnant of the once proud Seafoam Military, the Avengers are a band sworn to vengeance upon Lance. Nobody knows their true number, or where they are hiding. Rumors say that they are actually hiding within the Seafoam Islands out at sea. While they have lain dormant for the last decade, when Lance first came into power they were constantly launching well-organized attacks. Occasionally rumors of their existence will surface, only to soon vanish.

Mercenary Crews

The Red Blades
The Red Blades are a powerful mercenary crew mostly situated in The Vale, particularly near Viridian. The Red Blades are one of the larger and more powerful mercenary crews, but are rarely for hire. Their services have been bought and paid for by the Pokemon League. They constantly patrol The Wall, keeping the beast of the Malebolge away from the population of Viridian City. Widely respected in The Vale, the Red Blades have one of the best standings among The Vale mercenary crews. The Red Blades are led by the skilled swordsman, Zolo Malone.

The Dojo
Ages ago, The Dojo was simply a group that dedicated themselves to being the best and strongest. In recent years, they have become a mercenary crew, and even more recently have revolted against Saffron City and Sabrina herself. While heavily outmatched in both numbers and power, much of The Dojo has begun to learn the ancient art of the Blank, allowing them to fight on even footing. All of Kanto watches to see which will prevail in this deadly battle. The leader of The Dojo is as much of an enigma as their reason for attempting to take Saffron City.

The Gears
The Gears are a mercenary band lead by the famous Lt. Surge. While most groups focus far more on Pokemon and training, The Gears focus on weaponry and gear that allows them to compete at a higher tier than most groups. Most of the most technologically advanced weaponry in Kanto is utilized by The Gears, as well as the highest number of Magnemite. Serving as both a mercenary crew and the Gym Trainers for Vermillion City, they are smaller in number than the other crews but much better trained.

Toxicit Crew
Toxicit Crew is a small band of mercenaries that has laid claim to Viridian Forest as their own base. A ridiculous claim, but one that, thus far, they have been able to maintain. They have a massive fortress within Viridian Forest, and grow more than enough Brightleaf to keep themselves safe. The leader, a woman that goes by the name of Larissa, is rumored to have a massive Charizard that spews acid and is the progenitor for the poisonous Charmander that each upper member has.

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