Pakrian is what makes the world of Pokemon work; without it, there would be nothing. It is what allows Pokemon to defy the laws of physics. It is what makes the world different. Without it, the world would be far different than it currently is. Introduced by Mew with the introduction of Pokemon, pakrian has had a profound impact on the course of the world.

Pakrian is used in a multitude of ways. It allows Pokemon to control the elements at their leisure. It is what allows Pokemon to grow, evolve, become stronger. While much of a Pokemon's physical and mental prowess comes from their natural shape, pakrian is what allows Pokemon to strike so hard. The difference between a scratch with the claws and the Scratch attack. A scratch with the claws is just that; a rake of the claws. A Scratch attack lies in the Pokemon utilizing their pakrian to temporarily sharpen their claws, giving them greater strength in an attack. Nearly every "Pokemon Move" utilizes pakrian teo help execute the move.

Pakrian also has the effect of morphing a Pokemon's body to better adapt to their conditions. For example, look at Aggron. It is naturally tough with a thick, metallic hide. If an Aggron was to focus its energy into increasing its ability to withstand blows, its armor would slowly grow thicker. If it wished to improve its endurance, its pakrian would give it the ability to lessen pain, feeling less from an impact as well as its ability to roll with an attack. If it improved its ability to strike physical blows, its claws would elongate, retaining a sharper natural edge. Improving its agility would likely lessen the weight of the metal on the Aggron, streamlining its body into a more aerodynamic shape.

Other attacks, such as ones involving energy, are a special case. All Pokemon posses means to create an element; for example, Squirtle are able to naturally create water and a Growlithe is capable of igniting its spit. Without pakrian though, these processes would be too slow to allow the Pokemon to effectively utilize them in combat. Pakrian increases the rate of production and the degree of the effect, allowing the Pokemon to increase their power. Another example, utilizing Squirtle, uses pakrian as follows. A common example for this would be in the utilization of a Water Gun attack; the Squirtle would can the ability to more rapidly create the liquid and store it at greater pressures. The defense against these varies; sometimes the pakrian effects the mind, allowing the Pokemon to focus through the attack, causing it to do minimal damage. In other cases it will shape the body to allow energy attacks to glance off at such an angle as to minimize the impact. The most common effect is the development of a minor psionic field around the Pokemon that halts energy attacks.

Pakrian, in short, is within every Pokemon, changing and morphing them, causing them to grow and change. It controls them learning moves, it controls them evolving and growing. A common Wild Pokemon cannot truly control their pakrian; most simply leave it as it may go, allowing it to run rampant, adapting to their environment. This leads to the hardy cave Pokemon, the swift wild fliers, and the like. Trainers, on the other hand, can manipulate the pakrian of their Pokemon, causing them to grow in the way that they wish, not in necessarily the manner that is most effective. Proles have access to this power as well, although it is far more difficult for them to tap into, resulting in their Pokemon rarely being powerful. Even for Trainers, they can only do a significant change once or twice in the lifetime of a Pokemon. A Savant, on the other hand, due to their natural connection with pakrian, can rebuild their Pokemon almost at will; a few hours of work can turn their Eevee from a mighty tank into a speed demon.

This element is also present in humans, although to a smaller degree. It is more present in Trainers and almost all Savants are strong in it. Proles utilize it, but to a much smaller degree than the others. Just like a Trainer can influence the pakrian growth of a Pokemon, so may they influence it in themselves. Sometimes a trainer utilizes it for greater speed and dexterity, allowing them to become skilled fighters. Some use it to become more Pokemon like, growing new organs and becoming more like a Pokemon themselves. Others develop psionic powers, greatly heightening their own abilities. Still others use pakrian to become especially skilled at a certain thing, becoming the scientists and craftsmen of great renown. Other become more attractive, developing almost a hypnotic tone to their voice. Some end up doing multiple, developing into a hybrid.

Those that morph into a more attractive form are rare. In this harsh world, most focus on the ability to survive better. Still, their are many that enjoy this gift. They are able to achieve degrees of otherworldly beauty, often being models or actors. In addition, their voice often caries a subtle persuasion, allowing them to gently bend others to their will.

The effects of pakrian on humans is much smaller. Those that bolster their mind are not heavily affected physically, although they enjoy the benefits of a keen mind and often heightened skill with their tools. Skills common with their chosen ability often increase; a Trainer that wishes to be a great Mechanic would have an almost intuitive sense of robots, able to sense what is wrong with a quick check what could take another a detailed analysis.

Psionic abilities develop the portion of the brain that allows humans to create their defensive barriers against energy attacks. They gain the abilities of Pokemon such as Alakazam and Hypno, able to manipulate the physical world to do their bidding. The main benefit is the manipulation of gravity and myriad of uses that comes with that. The other is the manipulation of the subtle radio waves of the mind, allowing such skills as telepathy. This particular type of pakrian has the effect of turning the iris a shade of purple. Powerful psychics also develop luminescence of their eyes, creating a purple glow.

Some come more in touch with the elements, becoming more like a Pokemon. Often dubbed Elementalists by the common population, these trainers often grow organs much like Pokemon; long vines snake down their arms, pincers develop on their arms, and other such drastic changes. The specific effects vary from Trainer to Trainer, but the effects are usually radical. This type of change often has the most profound effect on the pakrian of a human.

Those that use it for physical prowess often find themselves with traits outside the norm of humans. Their skin, thicker, their blows, quicker, their leaps, higher. These Trainers vary radically in their manifestation; some go as far as to begin to grow claws and have a hide almost an inch thick with thickly corded muscles disproportional to the average human. The majority simply develop into a better human, retaining a similar form. They are still quite easy to distinguish though; few Trainers will look so fit, so agile, so capable of fighting.

The final, and least utilized, use of pakrian is increasing the ability of a Trainer to control the pakrian of a Pokemon. These Trainers often posses Pokemon far stronger than those of others. These Pokemon are faster, stronger, and often smarter than those of a common person. This manipulation also makes them more adept at controlling Pokemon, giving them more prowess in taming these beasts. This form is so specific that Proles are rarely able to utilize it, and only in rare cases.

Trainers are the sort of the standard for pakrian manipulation. Their abilities are widened, able to do much with it. Proles are much more limited; while not necessarily weaker, it requires more focus for them to control this magical element. Due to this, Proles tend to go with the easier manipulations of the body and mind, often avoiding psionic manipulations as well as those that either allow them to better control or become more like a Pokemon. Savants are masters of this naturally, bending and breaking this element to their will, giving them their inborn powers.

More specific uses of pakrian are noted before. The full extent of the power of this element is still unknown and, despite thorough research, will likely remain that way. How it is able to effect external elements is still a topic under large amounts of research, specifically with how a Water Type is able to bend the waves to their will.

The issue of Pokemon that don't appear to be alive is an interesting one. Pakrian has had even more profound effects than first thought. Pokemon such as Magnemite are previously advanced robots that gained sentience when pakrian upgraded their AI. Others, such as Metagross, are actually lifeforms based off other elements, allowing them to exist in that state.

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