Pallet Town

Pallet Town:
Population: 87,500

Pallet Town is considered the suburbs of Kanto by most. It is the home of Professor Oak, the oldest and most knowledgeable of the Pokemon Professors. Most of the people living in Pallet Town are ex-Pokemon trainers of some success; while they don’t have an actual staffed militia almost everybody possesses Pokemon of somewhat significant power, making keeping the day to day wilds away easy. It is a fairly peaceful town, far removed from the politics of the outside world. The closest town, Viridian, is on good terms with them and Pallet Town makes good money trading with Cinnabar. It has a fairly mild climate. The sea breeze keeps the town from reaching high heat while the southern winds usually blow the winds past Pallet on to Viridian. Sandy beaches stretch along the shore and lush grass grows everywhere. While Pallet has no Gym, Oak fulfills the role of town leader and protector, making a Gym unneeded. The majority of the population in Pallet is Kantoan, with a handful of Johtans mixed in. This is where old trainers go to retire and new ones go to begin their journey. A small port sits on the southern end of town. While not nearly as large as Vermillion’s, it is a good halfway point for shipments further inland.

Places of Interest:
Oak’s Laboratory:
Oak still runs his old lab, one of the single most impressive place of research in Kanto that is not affiliated with Silph Co. Tests to enable Pokemon and humans to communicate, machines to improve the quality of life, and less harmful Pokeballs. Oak still runs his starter program, equipping the next generation of Pokemon Trainers with useful tools to better their careers.

The Pokemon Academy:
Sponsored by Samuel Oak, this academy is one of the few locations of higher learning in Kanto and the only one that is tuition free. It has rigorous entry standards, requiring at least three badges and passing both a practical and intellectual test. Cynthia and Steven, Sinnoh’s and Hoenn’s Champions respectively, graduated from this school in their time. The school also offers courses less focused on Pokemon that provide higher learning in medicine, technology, and other careers that don’t have as rigorous entry standards.

People of Interest:
Professor Samuel Oak:
As one of the most iconic persons of the Pokemon world, Oak has a large amount of influence. The only party rivaling the amount of power he currently has is the Elite Four which is mostly due to the vast amounts of power at their disposal. The exact amount located in Oak’s fortune is unknown, it is rumored to be well into the tens of billions. Much of this fortune goes into charities, mostly schools for poor families as well as research. Oak is an outspoken critic of Pokemon abuse and Team Rocket, likely due to the events surrounding his grandson and apprentice five years ago.

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