Meet the Saint

Name : Paul Livingston
Age : 17
Height : 5'11''
Weight : 142 lbs

Level 3 Ace Trainer/Mystic

The Book of Goom, Chapter 1

[A blank leatherbound book, ready for the writings of the Chosen of the Goom.]


Paul is a skilled trainer, to say the least, although the strange whisperings in his sleep and new Egg are more than a little disturbing…

Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes
Body 0
Acrobatics: Untrained (2)
Athletics: Untrained (2)
Combat: Untrained (2)
Stealth: Untrained (2)
Survival: Untrained (2)

Mind 0
Guile: Untrained (2)
Perception: Untrained (2)
Medicine Education: Novice (3)
Education: Untrained (2)

Spirit +5
Charm: Untrained (2)
Command: Adept (4)
Focus: Untrained (2)
Intimidate: Untrained (2)
Intuition: Adept (4)

Combat Stats
Hit Points 61/61
HP 15
Attack 5
Defense 5
Sp. Attack 5
Sp. Defense 5
Speed 12

Injuries: 0

Moves and Capabilities

Struggle (Attack, AC4, Normal DB4: 1d8+5, Melee)

Capabilities: Overland 5, Underwater 2, High Jump 0, Long Jump 1, Power 4
Action Points: 2/5

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 7/10
Total Pokemon EXP: 5
Total Battle EXP: 0
Total Story EXP: 22

Just an Average Guy (+Command)
Set Body to 0, Mind to 0, Spirit to +5.
Edges: Group Trainer, Basic Skills (Intuition), and Mystic Senses.
Feats: Channeler (Class), Ace Trainer (Class), and Training Techniques.
+5 HP, +5 Speed

[[tab Level 3]
Feat: Elite Trainer (Constructive Criticism and Adept Skills (Intuition))
+1 Speed

Feats and Edges


A Prophet's Tools


Head n/a
Body n/a
Main Hand n/a
Off-Hand n/a
Feet n/a
Accessory n/a



Mystery Egg 1 A slightly sticky Egg that Paul doesn't even know how he got.
Basic Ball 0 No Modifier
Potion 1 Heals 20 HP


TM36 Sludge Bomb 0 Applied to Daisy.

The Touch of Divinity

Paul has, from a young age, been dedicated to Pokemon battling. He trained hard, using the Cerulean Gym's before he had his own. While far from the best trainer, there was nobody his age that could defeat him. He wasn't necessarily a cruel Trainer, but he didn't pay much mind to the emotions and feelings of his Pokemon, for they were not his own.

As Paul grew older, he become better and better at training his Pokemon, and better at battling. He caught his own Pokemon, a dopey Wooper he named Daisy, due to the fact that she seemed to think she may be a cow. While not especially kind to the Wooper, he trained her hard and made sure she was well cared for.

That was, until the voices began. It began one night as he slept, a strange voice in his mind, preaching something about the Message of Goom. He hadn't understood it, but when he awoke there were perfectly round indents around his head, and Daisy looked at him oddly, as if something was wrong. Still, Paul didn't think much of it. After all, it was just a dream.

That day, Daisy seemed to shy away from Paul, seemingly scared of him. Paul was surprised; fear had not been the usual response. He knelt down to try to figure out what was wrong, accidentally touching the Wooper. With a shock, he was linked to her consciousness, understanding everything. He tried to soothe the Wooper, and seemingly succeeded, although there was still some sort of dread of Paul.

For the past two months, Paul has continued to have the dream. One day he woke up to a blank leather book by his side, "The Book of Goom scribbled in gold letters across the cover. He's been traveling, but doesn't know the reason he travels. He and Daisy have continued to link their minds, communicating with one another on a very basic level. He's reached [Port Town name here], only to wake up this morning with a strange, oddly sticky egg by his side…

Current Traveling Team: 194wooper.gif261poochyena.gif374beldum.gif302sableye.gif
Owned Pokémon (5): Wooper, Poochyena, Bellsprout, Beldum, Sableye
EXP to distribute: 0

Pokémon History
Dasiy - Met at Level 3, Starter. Daisy is Paul's first Pokemon and, well, she isn't all too bright. Still, she's a tough battler and fairly close to Paul, despite her constant mooing.

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