Pidgeotto, #064, Bird Pokemon
Typing: Normal.jpgFlying.jpg
Height: 4'3" (Head to toe)
Weight: 60.1 lbs.
Length: 5'2" (Head to tail)
Width: 17'4" (Wingspan)
Egg Group: Flying
Diet: At this stage in their life, a Pidgeotto is almost entirely carnivorous. They prey on anything they can catch, although this mostly comes down to Rattata.
Characteristics: Everything about a Pidgey is amplified when it becomes the beast that is a Pidgeotto. They are faster, stronger, smarter, and all-around better than its earlier forms. The claws are sharper, allowing it to shred through flesh like a hot knife through butter. It is almost twice as fast in the air, twisting and turning to dodge any incoming attack. They are more capable of using Pakrian, using their aerokinesis to greater effect. They are also much smarter, using greater tactics in their attacks. Those that are hunted by a Pidgeotto should beware; the humble Pidgey has become a powerful beast.
Behavior: While Pidgey is tame and calm, a Pidgeotto is a vicious hunter. They fly high, using their keen vision to spot prey below. They are vicious, brutal in the hunt. More than one Rattata has attempted to flee, only to have their skulls crushed open by the iron-like beak of these vicious birds. Trainers often have trouble with this strong-willed and powerful Pokemon, especially those that were used to the extremely calm Pidgey. These birds don't take kindly to orders and are extremely difficult to break. In addition, Pidgeotto have been known to prey on humans, something that a few unfortunate trainers have experienced first-hand.
Habitat: Pidgeotto live in most of the same areas as Pidgey, albeit in far lower concentrations.
Population: Pidgeotto are primarily solitary, living in the same areas as Pidgey.
Relation with other Pokemon: Where Pidgey fought with Spearow, Pidgeotto viciously prey on them. The bird no longer attacks bugs, as they are not worth their time.
In the World: Many strong trainers possess a Pidgeotto. They are the bane of weaker trainers as, unlike many Pokemon, they can be found just about everywhere. They are not often used for communication due to their vicious tendencies.
Lifespan: Pidgeotto live around 20 years.
Breeding: Pidgeotto have much of the same requirements as Pidgey, but they will not breed with a Spearow without the convincing of a master Breeder.

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