Pikachu, #125, Mouse Pokemon
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Height: 10" (Standing) 7" (All fours)
Weight: 7.2 lbs
Length: 1'7" (Head to tail)
Width: 3" (Shoulder to shoulder)
Egg Group: Field / Fairy
Diet: Pikachu are herbivores. They commonly live in forests and as such eat the fruits located there. They use weak electric burts to dislodge the fruits, catching them as they fall.
Characteristics: Pikachu are extremely small. Their tail is actually longer than the bulk of their body. Their small size plays to their advantage though. It makes them agile, quick, and their long tail grants them unparalleled balance. They are covered in short fur that is extremely useful for conducting their electric attacks. Their cheeks are filled with a strange fluid that is extremely conductive, allowing the storage of the excess static electricity the little Pokemon builds up. While their bright coloring makes it difficult for Pikachu to act stealthily, their speed and agility makes up for it. Pikachu are commonly seen in a squatting position, cleaning their small hands.
Behavior: Pikachu are very timid Pokemon, fleeing from most fights. They will rarely stand and fight, but if cornered will shock with high-energy attacks. Of all Pokemon, Pikachu is one of the more emotional ones. They form close family bonds, making their small cells close-knit. These same bonds are easily established with trainers, although they do take extremely badly to any sort of abuse. Pikachu enjoy running around for a single reason. Their running accumulates static electricity, allowing them to gain more power. This causes many of the more urban Pikachu to chew wires, often creating problems for the unfortunate towns.
Habitat: Pikachu are commonly found in dense forests. They have also been found around power plants and other high-energy urban areas. They occasionally make small colonies in the grassland but avoid those areas due to the larger predators.
Population: Pikachu aren't rare, but their flighty nature and constant movement gives them the impression of such. They commonly roam, never remaining in a single location for long.
Relation with other Pokemon: Pikachu are extremely docile, rarely getting into conflict with other Pokemon. That being said, they have learned to shock Weedle on sight over the years.
In the World: Pikachu are commonly seen as a pest in large cities due to their wire-chewing habits. On the other hand, since they are one of the more docile Pokemon, they are prized as a Pokemon to be used by Trainers.
Lifespan: Pikachu can normally live around eight years without evolving.
Egg: A Pikachu Egg is quite small, measuring in at about 10" tall and 6" across. Their weight is almost negligible. The Egg is a bright yellow hue.
Breeding: Pikachu will breed with any compatible Pokemon of the same size. Unlike many other Pokemon, they are able to breed almost right away, as if they are already mature. Breeding with Water Types is unwise though, as the large amount of sparks created can be damaging.

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