Game: Pirates!

The Future Pirate King!

Name : Aipom R. Chim
Age : 17
Height : 5'11''
Weight : 172 lbs

Level 1 Reckless Martial Artist

Most people think pirates are despicable, terrible, barely human. But Chim has met perhaps the only crew that is the opposite. His goal: No less than to become the King of Pirates, the strongest ship on the sea. He'll assemble a crew, and forge his name by defeating all that are stronger than he.


It takes supreme dedication to become the best, and Chim has what it takes to make it.

Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes
Body +2
Acrobatics: Novice (3)
Athletics: Novice (3)
Combat: Novice (3)
Intimidate: Untrained (2)
Stealth: Untrained (2)
Survival: Untrained (2)

Mind -2
Guile: Untrained (2)
Perception: Untrained (2)
Educations: Pathetic (1)

Spirit 0
Untrained: Pathetic (2)
Command: Untrained (2)
Focus: Novice (3)
Intuition: Untrained (2)

Combat Stats
Hit Points 60/60
HP 18
Attack 15
Defense 6
Sp. Attack 6
Sp. Defense 6
Speed 6

Injuries: 0

Moves and Capabilities

Struggle (Attack, At-Will, AC4, Normal DB4: 1d8+5 / 10, Melee)
Double Kick (Attack, EoT, AC3, Fighting DB5(8): 1d8+7 / 12 (3d6+10 / 21), Melee, Double Strike)
Rock Smash (Attack, At-Will, AC2, Fighting DB6: 2d6+8 / 15, Melee, -1 Defense CS 17-20)
Focus Energy (Status, At-Will, Normal, Self, +3 Critical Range)
Jump Kick (Attack, At-Will, AC3, Fighting DB11: 4d10+10 / 35, Melee, -10 HP on miss)

Capabilities: Overland 6, Underwater 3, High Jump 0, Long Jump 1, Power 7
Abilities: Reckless
Action Points: 3/3

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 1/10

Level 1: Creation:
Attribute Modifiers: Body 2, Mind -2, Spirit 0

Base Stats: HP 15, Attack 10, Defense 5, Sp. Attack 5, Sp. Defense 5, Speed 5
Background: Pirate King +Combat, +Athletics, +Acrobatics, -All Education

Edges: Combat Training, Basic Martial Arts, Basic Skills (Focus)

Martial Artist (Reckless) [CLASS][+2 Attack]
Martial Training (Focus Energy and Jump Kick) [+2 Attack]
Type Expertise (Fighting) [+2 HP]

A Pirate's Stash


Head Straw Hat
Body n/a
Main Hand n/a
Off-Hand n/a
Feet n/a
Accessory n/a


Mostly Sunken Koch This boat really sucks!


Pokestone 2 Pokeballs, but with a sillier name.
Potion 2 Heals 20 HP.

The Making of Pirate King

Chim grew up in Rumbelly, a small island with an even smaller town. The town has slow, quite, and overall uninteresting. Chim himself had very little ambition, until around the age of five when he heard of pirates.

Rumbelly had pirate problems. Well, to call them problems would be a misnomer. Every few months the same pirate crew came by. They had a massive bounty placed on their heads, and, despite their size, were rumored to be one of the more dangerous crews. Still, despite their dangerous reputation, they were quite the opposite in behavior. They'd come into town, order some beers at the tavern, buy more food and refill their water, then leave, often after telling hundreds of stories to the townsfolk, the majority of the stories being told to the young Chim. He idolized these pirates, following them everywhere when they were in town. He was too young to understand that most pirates were evil, and not all were like this wondrous crew.

Every time they came to town, Chim would ask them if he could join. Every time the Captain would reply with a mocking "no," with some new reason being the case every time. When Chim was 12, he got the closest thing to a yes he had ever received. If he was stronger by the time they came back, the Captain would take him on board. The Captain plopped his straw hat down on the head of the young boy, telling him this hat was his contract.

Chim trained hard for that day, trying to learn to fight, to run, and to swim. Unfortunately, he was only twelve, and training was hard. Still, he thought himself strong enough to join the ship the next time it came. He even got his own Pokemon, an Azumarill he named Big Blue after his goal. As he trained, his goal grew. Sure, he still wanted to join the crew, but why settle at that? He'd become the Pirate King; and if no such position existed, he would make it!

The problem was, the crew never returned. Chim was too dedicated, too young, too foolish to understand they had likely died. He had continued to train hard, train to become the best. For five years he trained as much as he could, until he decided that he wasn't waiting for the pirates anymore; he was going to go find them.

After buying a boat with as much wood as holes, Chim has wandered into one of the larger ports in the Spice Islands, frantically throwing water out of his boat as he leaps onto the docks.

Current Traveling Team: H0lk4pw.gif
Owned Pokémon (1): Azurill
EXP to distribute: 0

To Add: None

Pokémon History
Big Blue - Met at level 1, Starter. While far from the strongest Pokemon, this Azurill has become a sort of mascot for Chim in his training.

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