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Type Interactions

Type Interactions are a staple of every Pokemon game. Fire is strong against Grass and weak against Water. Without this convoluted game of Rock, Paper, Scissors Pokemon would be nothing more than another Beat 'em Up fighter game. As such, rules have been made to adapt the Types from Pokemon to Mutants and Masterminds. While Types are still very much a factor in the game they do not act as nearly as much of a factor as in a typical game.

Type Resistances, Weaknesses and Immunities

A Resistance costs 2 Power Points while a Weakness provides 2 Power Points. Unlike most powers, a Type may have a negative Power Point cost. A Weakness provides a -2 circumstance penalty to all rolls against a Descriptor of that Type while a Resistance provides a +2 circumstance bonus to all checks against a Descriptor of that Type. This applies to the final save; the Dodge in an Area, for example, doesn't apply.

And Immunity, on the other hand, costs 5 PP and completely ignores all effects with that descriptor.

For a full list of Pokemon Types and their costs, see here

While you may technically create any Type you want it is suggested that you stick with the core typing of the Pokemon you choose.


As with the Pokemon games, most of your attacking potential is going to come from your Moves unless, of course, you decide to go with the Unarmed route or something of the like.


Each Move may only have a single Type Descriptor. These are, of course, taken from the list of the 18 Types in Pokemon. Moves with the Normal Descriptor or a Descriptor matching the Type of the Pokemon have no additional cost. Closely Linked Types (see below) have a cost of 1/2 PP per Rank (1 point per 2 Ranks of the Move, rounded down) while an Unlinked Type has an additional cost of 1 PP per rank.

Unarmed attacks have the Normal Descriptor and the Type Descriptors of the Pokemon by default. Pokemon may modify the Type of their Unarmed in the same way that Unarmed is usually modified.


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