Professor Oak

Of all the people in Kanto, few are as famous as Professor Oak. Renowned as the "Pokemon Professor," few will contest that he knows the most about Pokemon of everybody in the region. His life's research is dedicated to Pokemon; their capabilities, their sociology, even details such as diet and habitat. He often dissects Pokemon as well, recording the specifics of their skeletal and muscular structure. Nobody truly knows why he is collecting this information, but if Pokemon is the topic, he has an answer.

Before Lance rose to power, Oak was a prominent member of Kanto. Politically, few had as much power as he. He was one of the chief advisers to the League, and none were as trusted as Oak. He'd help through a wide range of topics, and his understanding of Pokemon sociology allowed him to help construct defenses specifically tailored to a species. He originally had the idea for grain engineered against Rattata, although he never put that plan into action. He was part of the original team that created the Magnemite power source, and later found the way to weaponize it. Between helping create Magnemite and various other smaller projects, Oak amassed a large fortune that allowed him to do whatever research he wished.

It was after he amassed his wealth that Oak headed towards Pallet Town. He set up a research lab, continuing his studies. Many have wondered as to why he would choose Pallet Town. Surly somewhere such as Seafoam or Fuchia would have provided a wider array of samples. Many have pondered the reason. Perhaps it was to exist in an area with little League control. Perhaps Pallet was connected enough in trade that the proximity to wilds would not matter. Many famous Trainers would come out of Pallet, and perhaps Oak wanted them to owe him. Or, as some wonder, perhaps the calm weather and cool shores of Pallet Town were what drew Oak. Whatever the reason, he has become the main attraction in the town. Strangely, no other labs have flourished. Others tend to fail due to unfortunate accidents or something of the like. Aside from Oak's, there are no labs in Pallet Town.

After Lance struck, Oak played a large role in the protection of Pallet. He managed to keep Lance's forces from storming the city through some swift string-pulling with high ranking military officers. Since the war ended, Oak has continued his research in Pallet Town, forced to start almost from scratch due to the amount of his work in the Great Library when it was destroyed. While no longer a political adviser to the League, Oak still maintains a large amount of influence. Few powerful Trainers have not received aid in some form or another from Oak along their journey, a fact not soon forgotten. While the Professor is aging, he continues to be a force to be reckoned with. His research is as useful as ever, although lately he has been spending large amounts of time on a private project. Through some skilled puppetmastery he has kept Silph Co. and Pokemon Centers out of Pallet Town, although nobody understands his hatred of the organization.

As the most intelligent and respected man in Pallet Town, everybody in town knows Oak, and people around the region know that Samuel Oak provides the best starter Pokemon in the region.

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