Rattata, #219, Mouse Pokemon
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Height: 1'
Weight: 7.7 lbs.
Length: 1'9" (Head to tail)
Width: 8"
Egg Group: Field
Diet: Rattata are primarily scavengers, feasting off the corpses of the prey of larger hunters. They do hunt in their own small packs, often hunting young children and small Pokemon.
Characteristics: Rattata are a small, quick creature. Their purple hue allows them to blend into the shadows as they prowl through the grass on their hunt. They have extremely keen senses, allowing them to detect a foe and hunt them. Their greatest aspect is their speed. They are able to quickly chase down almost any foe. When they get close, their vicious fangs often prove to be more than enough to end any foe. Rattata are quite a flexible Pokemon as well, and with some training may learn to utilize more energy base forms of Pakrian.
Behavior: Rattata are a very instinctual Pokemon. They do not focus on small matters, instead only focusing on how to stay alive. They hunt in packs, their vicious fangs tearing into the flesh of unfortunate victims. They are not sentient enough to feel remorse; they are simply hunters. While they are not the best, they make up for it in ferocity. Any trainer who hopes to use a Rattata must first break it of its primal instincts, a daunting task. Even after, they must be constantly monitored.
Habitat: Rattata roam the grassland, hunting for prey. Sometimes they get into cities and prove to be a dangerous threat.
Population: Rattata are extremely common. With their quick breeding they can quickly flood an area, becoming a force in of themselves.
Relation with other Pokemon: Rattata only hunt, making it difficult for them to attach to other Pokemon.
In the World: Rattata are a nuisance. Due to their high population they are commonly used by trainers, but they rarely become powerful due to how hard to control they are.
Lifespan: Rattata are lucky to live four or five years.
Egg: A Rattata Egg is small and purple. It is about 6 inches tall and four across.
Breeding: Fortunately (or unfortunately), Rattata are easy to breed. Starting at only Level 10 they can Breed, and will do it with just about anything.

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