Route 1

Route 1 is perhaps the most peaceful Route in Kanto. While the grass is tall and is it far from safe, the threats are minimal and very few Pokemon will truly pose a threat to any experienced trainer. The route is mostly grassland. A few short trees dot the landscape, but that's it. Route 1 also has a pathway. While it is only dirt and disappears in places, it is a functional pathway. The nearby Rangers keep the Route fairly safe, keeping any major threat away.

As for Pokemon, the most common threat are Rattata crawling around in the grass. With their sharp fangs and deadly attacks, a Rattata can pose a deadly threat if they get the drop on a new trainer. Other than the sharp-toothed Rattata there is only one other common threat; Pidgey. These birds, while normally docile, have been known to attack trainers that unknowingly stray to close to their nests. All other threats are fairly uncommon. Packs of Growlithe have been known to pass through Route 1, although they never stay long. Fearow occasionaly establish a nest, an issue that the Rangers seek to quickly rectify. Other than that, the only issue is the occasional pack of Weedle straying from Viridian Forest and creating a nest in Route 1.

Bandits often make their camps on Route 1. There aren't large enough Wilds to truly threaten them, and the Rangers in the area are usually weaker than others. The only other defining feature is the Trainer School located just outside Pallet Town that helps to instruct and test future trainers.

Areas of Note

Trainer School

A massive, state of the art facility, most children in Pallet Town have attended the Trainer School before. While they may not be a regular patron of the Trainer School, it does provide many useful lessons. It teaches history, art, science, and, of course, Pokemon. The entire construction is sponsored by Oak, and as such is entirely free to attend. Every morning at 9 AM guards escort potential students from Pallet Town to the Trainer School. In addition to a multitude of classrooms, a large gym, and a field for exercise, the Trainer School also has a Battle Simulation room. This rooms allows for the holographic battling of Pokemon. While it doesn't help teach controlling Pokemon, it does help trainers to learn battle tactics and the basics of battling.


Present Life

Plants: Grass (abundant), ground-cover shrubbery (common), decomposers (common), small trees (common), apple trees (uncommon)
Animal: Small rodents (abundant), small insects (abundant), small birds (abundant), deer (uncommon)
Pokemon: Pidgey (common), Rattata (common), Pidgeotto (uncommon), Spearow (uncommon), Raticate (rare), Growlithe (extremely rare), Fearow (extremely rare)

Food Chain

A (X) designates something as preferred prey. This will be sought before others in all cases.
Plants: Sunlight (X)
Decomposers: Dead matter (X)
Rodents: Grass and seeds (X), corpses, insects, fruit (X)
Insects: Grass and seeds (X), corpses, fruit (X)
Small birds: Grass and seeds (X), insects (X)
Deer: Grass and seeds (X), fruit (X)
Pidgey: Grass and seeds (X), insects (X), small rodents, fruit (X)
Pidgeotto: Grass and seeds, insects, small rodents (X), fruit, Rattata (X), Raticate, Spearow (X)
Rattata: Grass and seeds, insects, small rodents (X), corpses (X), fruit, deer
Ratticate: Grass and seeds, insects, small rodents (X), corpses, fruit, deer (X)
Growlithe: Small rodents, fruit, deer (X), Rattata (X), Raticate
Spearow: Small rodents, fruit, insects, Rattata, Pidgey (X)
Fearow: Small rodents, fruit, insects, Rattata, Raticate, Pidgey (X), Pidgeotto (X)

Adventure Hooks

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