Route 22

Until you reach The Wall, Route 22 is primarily farmland. After, it is a barren savannah at first that gradually becomes a land of stone filled with sharp crags and deep ravines. The main location of Route 22 is The Wall, a massive thirty-foot tall expanse covered in stone. This behemoth keeps the dangerous wilds of the area away from Viridian City and their more fragile fighters. Inside The Wall the Route is tame, with no wilds appearing. The Wall actually has a small settlement manned by the Red Blades mercenary crew. The maintain and protect the wall on Team Rocket's dime. Once one goes past the wall, they risk the vicious hordes of Pokemon that roam beyond the walls.

Weak Encounters

Lone Spearow: For whatever reason, this bird was split off from its pack.
Sickly Mankey: This Mankey was removed from its group due to being weak.

Tales of Legends

Players Killed on Route 1


Players Knocked Unconcious on Route 1


Players Injured on Route 1


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