Servius Vibius Catalus

Strength -3/Varies, Stamina -3/Varies, Agility 0, Dexterity 2, Fighting 2, Intellect 2, Awareness 2, Presence -1


Improved Critical 2 (Pebble Shot), Luck, Eidetic Memory


Acrobatics 0 (+0), Athletics 0 (+0), Close Combat (???) 0 (+2), Deception 5 (+4), Expertise (Nobility, Crafting, Current Events, History) 1 (+3), Insight 2 (+4), Intimidation 0 (-1), Investigation 0 (+2), Perception 2 (+4), Persuasion 0 (-1), Ranged Combat (???) 0 (+2), Sleight of Hand 2 (+4), Stealth 0 (+2), Disable Device 2 (+4), Treatment X (+X)


Earthcrafting - 19 Points
While Servius' use of Earthcrafting is slightly different than how most use it, it's nonetheless effective in its own peculiar way.

  • Power of the Earth - Servius is rather sickly but, fortunately, the earth allows him to overcome that particular deformity.
    • Enhanced Stamina 5
    • Enhanced Strength 3
  • Pebble Shot - Servius is rather good with fine earth manipulation, such as a powerful shot with a small piece of earth.
    • Ranged Damage 2, Homing, Precise
  • Shifting Earth - It's hard to move when the earth decides it doesn't want you to, right?
    • Ranged Affliction 2 (Vulnerable and Impaired, Prone and Defenseless), Extra Condition, Secondary Effect, Limited Degree, Cumulative, Limited to Targets on the Ground
  • Tremorsense - Sensing things in the earth is a very useful skill when it comes to avoiding bullies.
    • Radius Penetrates Concealment Extended Acute Analytical Accurate Ranged Touch, Limited to Targets on Ground
    • Danger Sense (Touch), Direction Sense, Limited to Targets on Ground


Initiative +4
Unarmed: +2, DC 12-15 Toughness
Pebble Shot: +2, DC 17 Toughness
Shifting Earth: +2, DC 17 Fortitude (Vulnerable and Impaired, Prone and Defenseless)


Golden Child [Enemy]
While Manius hardly considers his younger brother a threat, Servius hates his older brother with a burning passion. Everything in his life could be blamed on the fact that his parents loved Manius more, just because he wasn't born broken. Servius needs to beat Manius once, just once, and prove that he's every bit as capable as his older brother, if not more.

He's a Jerk [Quirk]
Likely caused by the way he was isolated and constantly put down during his childhood, Servius has a habit of using one of the few weapons he's always had constantly, pushing away anybody that tries to get close to him.

Noble [Responsibility]
While being a noble has some benefits it also has its share of responsibilities, not the least of which is that Servius must serve in the Legion for some time.

No Hands, No Voice, No Crafting [Power Loss]
If Servius is incapable of speaking and making hand gestures he loses his ability to use the more skilled aspects of his crafting.

Sickly [Disability]
Servius is small and weak, making him very susceptible to diseases and hardly able to move. Without his crafting Servius would essentially be a cripple, and a cripple one bad cold away from dying at that.

The Spare [Obsession]
All his life Servius has been nothing but the spare heir, in case his older, able-bodied and all around better brother was killed fulfilling his duties. His parents gave him a minimal amount of attention, servants sneered at him and his older brother did little but belittle him. His whole life Servius has been little more than an unwanted child in a noble house, something that has given him more than small need to prove himself.

Young [Disability]
While Servius is more skilled than most people his age, he is still only ten years old. A such, he has a little bit of trouble getting the respect he feels he is owed and is obviously at a significant disadvantage when it comes to crafting and the like.




Dodge 2, Parry 2, Fortitude -3/2* (When max Stamina), Toughness -3/2* (When max Stamina), Will 2

Power Points

Abilities 2 + Powers 19 + Advantages 2 + Skills 5 (15 ranks) + Defenses 2 = 25


Servius has always been defined by two characteristics; his size and his obvious infirmity. Even when shrouded in noble clothes his almost skeletal frame and gaunt face seem to draw all the attention, no matter how hard he tries to disguise his infirmity.

Character Notes

Servius was the second-born son in a noble house, a position that should have brought him opportunity and power. Of course, that was assuming that Servius was fit to bear that honor.

Born far too early, it took the skill of multiple Watercrafters to even keep Servius alive. His noble father, of course, was disgusted with the child. When the healers said that it was unlikely he would live to maturity, he lost interest in his newborn child almost instantly. His mother was hardly more enthused, often ignoring Servius for his older, whole brother Manius.

With both of his parents deeming him not worth their time, Servius found himself spending far more time with servants and bodyguards than his own family. Even those bound to him ignored him with surprising impunity, knowing that little actual punishment would be forthcoming. Through it all, no matter what Servius went, he found himself in Manius' long shadow. The boy was forced to quickly learn where he was not wanted and found way to avoid it. Fortunately, as dysfunctional as his body might have been his mind was perfectly intact, allowing him to spend much of his free time among books and studying others from afar.

Furycrafting seemed to be Servius' only escape from the low monotony of his life, yet he seemed to lack any significant skill in that as well. All that he was possessed of was a modicum of skill in Earthcrafting, hardly enough to make a difference. He couldn't fling great quantities of earth like others, and his ability to amplify his strength and stamina only truly extended far enough to overcome his frailties. Still, while his abilities were not great Servius was creative, something that could prove far more useful than the raw strength most Earthcrafters were known for.

In secret Servius did his best to train, trying to make the best of his situation. In everything he did he wasn't the fastest, the strongest or even the bravest. In order to make up for that, Servius had to be perfect. Every motion had to be flawless, every move calculated. Anything less than perfection wouldn't be good enough if he wanted to compete with stronger crafters. The only issue, of course, is that perfection is very difficult to achieve for a child, much less a crippled one.

Obviously, Servius is very, very far from that perfection that he seeks. Still, the Academy might just be his way to show everybody exactly what he's capable of and, maybe, just maybe, prove his family wrong.

Academy Recruitment

Like everything, Servius' recruitment to the Academy begins with Manius. Their father had called in a few favors to get a private audition for Manius' admission into the Academy. Manius, of course, passed with flying colors. How could he not?

By some stroke of luck, the tester was a rather skilled Aethercrafter and noticed the faintest of Earthcrafting throughout the test, seemingly tracking the movement of everybody in the room. Concerned over the possibility of a spy the tester tracked down the source, only to find the source sitting just outside the door, eyes closed in focus. While the crafting of the child was weak, the tester was intrigued by the level of control the boy had and, against the better judgement of his parents, took Servius to the Academy as well.

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