Second Shooter (Thomas Grace) - PL 10

Strength -2, Stamina 4, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting -2, Intellect 7, Awareness 4, Presence -2


Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Power Attack, Improved Aim, Precise Attack (Ranged Concealment), Precise Attack (Ranged Cover), Uncanny Dodge, Assessment, Evasion, Hide in Plain Sight, Eidetic Memory, Takedown 2, Prone Fighting, Fearless, Improved Critical (Guns), Improved Initiative, Tracking, Well-Informed, Skill Expertise (Perception), Luck 2, Equipment 3


Acrobatics 0 (+0), Athletics 0 (+0), Close Combat (Unarmed) 0 (-2), Deception 0 (-2), Expertise (All Trained) 0 (+7), Insight 7 (+11), Intimidation 0 (-2), Investigation 7 (+14), Perception 16 (+20), Persuasion 0 (-2), Ranged Combat (Guns) 12 (+12), Sleight of Hand 10 (+10), Stealth 17 (+17), Technology 0 (+7), Treatment 1 (+8), Vehicles 0 (+2)


Perfect Gunman - 31 Points
Second Shooter is the greatest sniper to ever live. Even if you manage to take one of his guns from him he has another, and you're dead. It's as simple as that.

  • Kill Shot A shot that hits you, ricochets away only to hit you again? That hurts a bit.
    • Ranged Secondary Effect Damage 8, Homing 2, Ricochet 3, Subtle
  • (AE) I Don't Miss He doesn't.
    • Perception Damage 10, Subtle, Activation (Shift)

Hyper Analytic - 6 Points

  • Senses (Extended , Rapid Vision)
  • Senses (Danger Sense (Visual))
  • Quickness 6 (Limited to Mental Tasks)

Specialized Bullets - 1 Point (3)

  • Variable (Metals and Chemicals) - 2 Points
  • Variable (Applies to Gun Attacks) - 1 Point
  • Activation (Switching Descriptor, Shift Action)
  • Removable

Equipment - 15 EP

  • Mini-Tracer - 1 EP
  • Impressive Multitool (Feature (Removes tool-based penalties)) - 2 EP
  • High Quality Burglary Tools (Feature (+2 Circumstance Bonus on Burglary Checks)) - 1 EP
  • Commlink - 1 EP
  • Zip Line (Flight 3, Gliding, Limited (Between Two Points)) - 1 EP
  • Tactical Visor (Senses (Infravision), Senses (Darkvision)) - 3 EP
  • Bodyarmor (Protection 6) - 6 EP


Initiative +6

  • Unarmed: Strength Based Damage 0, +0


Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 10, Toughness 4/10, Will 10


Training [Power Source]
Thomas' powers all come from superior training and his genius intellect. He's an excellent shot because he's taken hundreds and thousands of them. As such, Thomas dedicates himself to training, especially as he is beginning to age. While once upon a time he could rely on quick reflexes and his natural agility those are beginning to go away little by little. Training is all that keeps Thomas ready to fight at a moment's notice and he works hard to maintain perfect condition.

Ricochet Master [Power Loss]
While Thomas is a master shooter and can use nearly any surface to ricochet a shot he still needs something to ricochet off of. He can use just about anything but Thomas's worst enemy is an empty field or, heaven forbid, the vacuum of space (although he may have bigger problems there).

Guns [Power Source]
Thomas is an exceptional gunman, to say the least. He carries at least a few guns, including a sniper rifle that he loves as his child. Even if he is somehow disarmed, Shooter always has a backup gun hidden somewhere and has it out before the enemy can react. He may be old, but he isn't slow. If completely stripped of his gear though, Shooter may have some trouble. That is, until he manages to get a new gun.

Old [He's OLD!]
Thomas is old. Very old. He doesn't suffer from typical old man problems; no, he's very adept with technology. Popular culture and the such, on the other hand, are not his strong suits. To be fair, they never were; he cared far more about his jobs than any singer of movie. After decades in and out of prison and the fact that he is aging? He's more than a little out of touch with current events although he has been trying to catch up.

Hubris [Temperment]
Thomas has been arrogant since he was a child. His raw intelligence coupled with a functional body made him superior to just about every regular person. Now his pride is almost absolute, especially when on missions. He was famous for handicapping himself just to make jobs interesting and almost failed more than a few because of it. He has a hard time treating anybody as his equal, especially women. He's just a little sexist, likely because he grew up in a very different time. Even against other superheroes he often refuses to believe that they could ever actually compete with him. He often insults humans as a whole as if he doesn't consider himself one anymore.

Butcher [Quirk]
Whether warranted or not, Thomas has a reputation for being a bit of a butcher. He didn't ever just kill the target; no, he had to kill all his guards and maybe that one reporter as well. He didn't like witnesses of any sort. If the money was good enough he could restrain himself but enjoyed the thrill of killing just a few extras. He never kills when it isn't a job or a threat against him but on jobs he tends to go a little overboard. It's a bit of a pride thing of proving his absolute superiority over his enemies. He's put himself at risk in many a mission, although age nurtures self control. Right?

Secret [Identity]
Because of his generous new friends, Thomas managed to remove many of the records he once had. That, coupled with his age, helps to keep people from connecting Second Shooter and Thomas. While he has nobody he cares about, nobody to protect, he still likes to try to keep his identities separate for security reasons.

Cigars [Addiction]
Thomas loves cigars. Good, high quality Cuban ones. The more smoke the better. He's often taken payment in them, especially since trade with them got shut down (made shooting Kennedy much easier, to be honest), and he's snuck into the country multiple times to replenish his stash. Right now he has enough to last him at least a few months, although he might need to refill his stock soon.


Native Language

Character Notes

Thomas was always smart. He aced his classes without any work, simply using the power of deduction and logic to determine what happened. He was dangerously intelligent and few people could compete with his mind even when he was young. He was regularly more intelligent than his teachers, friends, and his fools of parents. At the age of 12 he grew tired of the fools he lived with, running away from home.

Thomas likely could have become something great; a doctor or a scientist perhaps. Instead he turned to the simplest thing for a 12 year old genius; crime. Armed only with a potato gun and whatever tools he could scrounge, Thomas went on a local crime spree. 1955 was a simple time; there were no alarms, nothing sophisticated enough to defend against Thomas's crime. Even the occasional guard was quickly dispatched by a swift potato to the head.

As his name grew, Thomas slowly began to take real jobs. By the time he was 16 he was robbing banks and museums and had graduated from a harmless potato gun to real firearms. He had a certain aptitude for them; lining up a shot was simple physics and his knowledge of anatomy allowed him to place shots far more lethally than a lesser man. Soon enough he was more famous for his skill with guns than his thefts and his jobs changed accordingly.

At the tender age of 17 Thomas executed his first hit. Nothing big; just a DA that was creating some trouble for the mob. It was a clean job. Snuck in at night, silenced round to the temple. Sure, he woke up the wife, but he'd expected that. Been hoping she would, really. Over a few short years he became known as one of the most ruthless and efficient hitmen in the nation. One week to plan was more than a month got lesser men and Thomas never left a witness and never talked. He enjoyed the work more than any man should; the feeling of a scope hovering over the head of a target, the pull of a trigger deciding who lived and who died. He usually killed more than he needed to simply to satisfy his bloodlust. Sometimes he'd even handicap himself; no sniper rifle, shooting with an eyepatch, only using his left hand, all sorts of things to make the job harder then it needed to be. Still, he never failed. At 20 he got his first big job; assassinating the President of the United States of America.

Thomas didn't know who hired him, but the money was good. More than he could hope to spend in his lifetime. On November 22, 1963, Thomas shot John F. Kennedy, his perfectly calculated bullet going straight through Kennedy's leg, ricocheting off the car and hitting him right in the skull. It was a perfect kill. One bullet, one dead president. Satisfied with his work, Thomas ran. Killing a lawyer or small time politician was one thing, but killing the president of the free world was something else.

Unfortunately, he wasn't fast enough. The CIA captured him but, instead of killing him, recruited him. Off the records, of course. Officially, he was dead. He was sent on missions the CIA couldn't legally do. Assassinations, sabotage. He was a big part of the Cold War, although he was always kept far away from any politically important missions. Instead he was sent into places like Korea and Vietnam where he was usually used as a tactical scalpel to remove threats.

For over twenty years he worked for the CIA. Twenty years of hard work. Then, as is the nature of spies, they turned on him. He shot himself out without too much trouble but was on the run. The next decades of his life were dominated by being captured, breaking out, being captured once again. Finally, at the age of 67 he was captured for the final time and put someplace that supposedly no man could escape from.

Thomas had assets. Quite a sizeable amount of them. He spent nearly all of them on bribing the right people to not be executed, lose the paperwork, and stay alive. For three years that happened. For three years Thomas trained and planned, ready to break free from the prison whenever the slightest opening. He burnt all his assets stalling, but in the end he resigned himself to death. He wasn't breaking out without some sort of weapon and frankly, he was old. Outdated. People didn't remember him anymore. His name didn't send groups of soldiers fleeing in terror. He was a relic of a long forgotten time.

Then, three years later at the spry age of 70 a new group contacted Thomas. A group he didn't know. They'd remove his record, make the CIA forget about him. All for a little chip in his head and some jobs. The jobs he didn't care about; anybody who would make that offer wasn't picky about the means. That meant he could play again. And the gear they offered! With a few small upgrades he'd be decades ahead of his old tech. There wasn't any question on if he'd take the deal. He was ready to break free. He'd take the chance just for some sort of purpose in his work again; getting his records cleaned was just a benefit. They even managed to sneak him in a gun, those kind people!

After a short escape that ended in a dozen dead guards, Thomas found himself free of the prison. He quickly got the chip, planning to disable it at some point in the future. He doubted he could, but an old man can dream, right? While his body has become a fragile shell of what it once was, his skill more than compensates. He's every bit as deadly as the 20 year-old hitman who murdered a president. Now he's a wraith, somebody that does not exist. Thomas Grace died decades ago. Now he goes by a new name, one that people have called him for decades. The one that must have killed Kennedy. The one that had to be there. The Second Shooter.


Regular Clothing
Thomas prefers dark baggy clothes. They're easier to hide a firearm on and have the added benefit of providing just a little bit of stealth. Even in street clothes he tries to keep at least two guns on his person, three if he can. He's nothing if not prepared.

So many young villains have their "Supersuits." Thomas has combat armor. Thick, heavy military gear. Why would you wear anything else?

Power Points

Abilities 18 + Powers 38 + Advantages 25 + Skills 35 (70 ranks) + Defenses 34 = 150

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