The Stonewall is a Trainer with endurance unlike any other. They might seem to be made of stone itself in some cases, ignoring all but the most grievous of attacks. Standing firm as they fling mighty stones and whether blows that would fell a normal man, a Stonewall is a hulking engine of destruction, a machine capable of surviving damn near anything.

Prerequisites: Elemental Connection (Rock), Novice Combat, Novice Athletics
Effect: You gain the Sturdy Ability.

Immovable Object
Prerequisites: Stonewall
Effect: Treat your Weight Class as 2 higher when referring to Moves, Abilities, and Features that Push you as well as the Push Combat Manuever.

[Ranked 2][+Atk][+Def]
Rank 1 Prerequisites: Stonewall
Rank 2 Prerequisites: Stone Rank 1, Expert Athletics
Rank 1 Effect: You learn the Moves Rock Throw and Smack Down.
Rank 2 Effect: You learn the Moves Rock Slide and Stealth Rock.

Body of Stone
Prerequisites: Immovable Object, Adept Athletics
At-Will, Swift Action
Effect: You are considered to be wearing Heavy Armor for the remainder of the round, except you do not lose the Speed Combat Stage. If you are already wearing a Body Slot Item, this fails. This is the core Heavy Armor, not the version found in the Armory Splatbook. In addition, you are Immune to Sandstorm Damage while under the effects of Body of Stone.

Tough Hide
Prerequisites: Immovable Object, Expert Athletics
2 AP - Swift Action, Interrupt
Trigger: You are hit by a Normal, Poison, Fire, or Flying Type Attack.
Effect: You are treated as being one step more resistant against the damage.

Stone Shield
Prerequisites: Stone Rank 2
X AP - Standard Action
Effect: You create X Stone Shields, where X is the AP expended on this feature, to a maximum of half your Athletics Rank. Each Stone Shield provides 10 Damage Reduction, to a maximum of 30 with 3 shields. Every time you are hit by a damage-dealing attack (even if the Stonewall takes no damage), a Stone Shield is destroyed and the damage reduction from that shield is lost (30 to 20, ect.). Stone Shield may not be used again if you already have any Stone Shields in use.

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