The Final Pokemon League Championship

Footage: Pokemon League Championship March 16, 1983

A grainy video begins to play. The colors are faded, the camerawork is poor, but the sound is at least audible. Two men, likely announcers, appear on-screen.

Hello folks! Welcome the 47th annual Pokemon League Championship!
And it would seem we have a great battle coming up! The current League Champion and President of Kanto, Jakob Steward, and this, until two days ago, unheard of trainer who simply goes by the name of Lance!
This battle will definitely be one to go down in history. Both of these men are skilled in both training and hand-to-hand combat, so this could get interesting.
For sure. As you all likely know, Lance is an avid Dragon Trainer. Jakob's Cloyster will definitely come into play in this battle.
Also, since this is the Championship, anything goes. All those pretty little safety rules you trainers follow in your battles with your friends? None of those will be applying here.
That's right. Until one Trainer is unconscious, this fight will be going on.
And it looks like we're starting! Let the show begin!

Two men stride out into the arena. One, a man with dark skin and dreads hanging down his back, pulls a crossbow out off his back as he waves to the crowd, a Pokeball in his hand. The applause is tumultuous, making whatever the commentators saying unintelligible. A heavy breastplate on his chest appears to be his only protection against an attack.

The other, walking in from the other side, receives much less applause. His spiky hair is cropped short. He wears no armor, a simple, unadorned blade hanging from his side. The only thing of note he has are two heavy gauntlets, obviously meant for blocking.

And our two combatants are here! Charles, care to take the countdown?


In on fluid action Jakob tosses the Pokeball, a massive purple Pokemon appearing, thick heavy plating crossing its entire body. It's a Nidoking, and probably close to triple the size of a normal one. In the same instant Jakob scrambles up its back, appearing on its shoulders.

Just as Jakob releases his Pokemon, Lance releases a massive serpent, blue in color. It roars, causing the whole crowd to shrink back a bit in terror. A Gyarados, yet somehow more vicious than most of its kind.

It looks like the two of them are going with their powerhouses to start. This should be good!

With a thunderclap the two beasts collide. The Gyarados surges forward, icy fangs outstretched for the kill. The Nidoking grabs the fangs with its hands and with monumental strength tosses the beast aside. The Gyarados and Nidoking clash together again, shaking the arena. They seem evenly matched, powerful coils and mighty fists fending each other off.

Suddenly, the Nidoking drops to one knee, roaring in pain. The cameras zoom in on Lance pulling his blade out of the back of the Nidokings leg, coated in blood. With the momentary distraction the Gyarados gains the edge, grasping the Nidoking in its jaws and hurling it across the arena. Jakob rolls off before the beast collides with something solid, releasing two Pokemon.

Ah, there we go. Jakob's famed dual wielding. He'll separate the two and quickly take them down!

A green insect with long blades for arms flies at Lance. A Scyther, a ruthless hunter and killer. They trade blows, beginning an eloquent dance of parries, ripostes, and powerful strikes.

The other Pokeball releases a mass of metal comprised of three orbs. Electricity crackles over it.

A Magneton! That'll make short work of the Gyarados!

And so it did. Powerful beams of electricity arc through the air, quickly subduing the beast.

Lance, now on his own, trades a powerful blow for releasing a Pokemon. The gash slices him from hip to shoulder, causing blood to rapidly cover his shirt. As the Pokeball materializes, he throws himself to the side. A good thing to; a massive swath of flames courses over the field, taking down both Pokemon.

A clever trick with the Charizard there. Well played, the commentator says, seemingly reluctantly.

Lance shouts something and the Charizard flies across the arena, faster than the eye can see. It grabs Jakob, flying up into the air.

Now that's a new strategy. Jakob will have to- wait, what's that?

A massive wave of water surges up from the sky, knocking the two apart.

And that would be Jakob. The Aura truly is a wondrous thing.

Two distinct bodies begin to fall. One, the body of the Charizard, struggling to regain wing, the other Jakob, arms outstretched so as to slow his fall. A beam of energy coalesces into a Pokemon below him, turning into a great bird.

Just another reason to always keep a flying type on hand.

Lance uses his Pokeball to return the Charizard seconds before it hits the earth before releasing a new Pokemon. It's massive, almost filling the arena on its own. The massive, thickly muscles orange body positively oozes power, clearly conveying its strength.

What is that? Charles, have you ever-
No, I can't say I have, the other commentator says, almost speechless.

Lance hops onto a saddle on the Pokemon's back and takes off into the skies, a massive cloud of dust following him upwards.

Well folks, seems like they've taken this fight higher than our cameras go. But that Pokemon… Could that be a new species?
I'm not quite sure. It's definitely not like anything we've seen before.

High above the two great shapes fly back and forth. The Fearow is easy to distinguish due to being considerably smaller than the other. Occasionally gouts of blue flame issue forth from the orange Pokemon, forcing the Fearow downwards. Finally, after nearly two minutes of aerial maneuvering and conflict, there is a great roar and the Fearow begins to fall.

I don't believe Jakob has anything else that can fly. Looks like this is game over for him.

And in fact, it seemed to be. The Fearow, barely conscious, flaps its wings, trying to slow its fall, but to no avail. It collides heavily with the ground, leaving an indent. The dust obscures the field.

Can you see anything Charles? Seems like everything's gone blind.
No, I can't- wait. Wait! Is that Jakob? Is he still conscious?

There is a widespread craning of necks in the crowd to try to see whether or not Jakob was still standing. Standing may be a stretch of the word, but he was crawling forward off the body of his Fearow.

As he does so, Lance lands his strange Pokemon, lightly twirling his sword as he walks towards Jakob, likely to accept surrender.

And it looks like Lance has won this- wait. WAIT! What is he doing? What the muk is he doing? he says, manners slipping, fearing the worst of the known competitor.

Lance strides right over to Jakob, sword held perhaps a bit too purposefully. He strides right up to Jakob, pausing as he stands before the President. He stares down at him. Jakob looks up, hand outstretched in peace….


A blur of steel. An arc of blood. And the head of the late President rolling across the ground.

Oh my god… He just… He….

The shock in the arena is tangible. Screams, shrieks, and angry shouts rip through the crowd like a storm.

Lance bends down, scooping the head up in his hands, letting it hang down by the dreadlocks.

People of Kanto! he says, looking nonchalantly at the security flooding onto the arena. I have defeated your leader in combat and have so taken his throne, he says, the bloody head still dripping blood.

The crowd is silent. Guards all around the arena raise crossbows, aimed right at Lance.

I would suggest you lower your crossbows. Those that allow change to takes its course shall live their lives normally. Those who oppose us, he says, drawing no small amount of mumurs at the word "us", shall pay with their lives. This region belongs to me know. I am you leader! he shouts, a victorious grin on his face.

All around the arena, guards start to fire the bolts, only to be stopped as a wave of paralyzing cold washes over them, freezing them solid. One bolt does fly free, aimed straight at Lance's heart.

A gloved hand catches it easily, snapping the bolt like it was nothing. Lance grins as he casts the shattered halves aside.

So it will be that way, he says, almost disappointed.

As he says that, the dragon breathes forth flames, completely coating the crowd. The terrified shrieks of the patrons serve to show this isn't a dream.

The video continues for a short period before the flames wash over the camera, leaving only static behind.

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