The Great Lakes

After exiting Mount Moon, the aptly named Great Lake region is where Trainers find themselves. The reason for the name is quite simple; lakes are everywhere in this part of Kanto, and most of them are quite large. Immediately upon exiting Mount Moon, Lake Azur is found, with Arge Village on its shores. Barring a long walk, the simplest way to cross is to rent a raft. In fact, for much of the Great Lake region the choices are walk long distances, swim, or rent a raft. Swimming is discouraged; while there tend to be few creatures aside from Magikarp in these lakes, there are a few dangerous predators. Gyarados, while rare, have been known to demolish entire fishing fleets. The Squirtle line are also dangers, regularly attacking the vessels that ship grain for easy food. Most of the other Water Types common to the area are fairly docile, which is extremely fortunate for the large populace of this region.

The Great Lake region ranges from the Lunar Range all the way across to Rock Tunnel and the accompanying eastern shore as well as going all the way north to Curren Village. The southern border of the region is about halfway through Route 5, forming an approximate line with the Rockies.

Route 5 Found immediately after exiting the Lunar Range, Route 5 is dominated by the large and winding mouth of the Chiba River, known as the Kuchi River. The river serves as the main source of transportation between Cerulean City and Arge Village. Enterprising trainers can use the Route for transportation, but they'll need a boat of some sort.
Cerulean City One of the largest towns in the region, Cerulean City is a town built entirely upon Lake Cerulean. This has made the town as a whole extremely adept at both training and utilizing aquatic Pokemon, as that is much of what is around the city. While the lake tends to be rather calm, occasionally creatures such as Gyarados surface, requiring the use of Cerulean's extremely adept military forces. The only way onto Cerulean is by boat, meaning that unless you have the correct paperwork, the odds of you ever reaching Cerulean are low. Cerulean is also one of the most diverse cities in the region due to its hub-like location, traders going in and out of The Vale all pass through, and the fact that many of the Seafoam City refugees fled to Cerulean upon the destruction of their city.
Route 25 Located north of Cerulean City, Route 25 is dominated by another of the inlets into Cerulean City, the Chakra River. It is famous for the large number of Poliwags and its related kin that it houses. This carries two effects; one, a large amount of rain, and two, many Pokemon in the area being bent to the will of a particularly malicious and powerful Poliwrath that seems to have psionic prowess.
Lazuli Town Located past Route 25, Lazuli Town has a large number researchers and other people of that profession, considered second only to Oak's laboratory in the importance of their work. These researchers are led by Bill, a technology genius who has been working on many hush-hush innovations that he claims will make the lives of Pokemon Trainers everywhere easier. Other than technology, the town is also famous for the massive pearls created in Lake Lapis.
Lake Lapis Lake Lapis is unique in many ways. First of all, it is an entirely landlocked lake; there are no outlets nor inlets. It's also saltwater, which is an even odder occurrence. The popular theory was that the lake was once part of the sea, which causes its saltwater nature. The larger amount of rain in the area caused by the Poliwag causes the lake to remain full, keeping it from ever fully draining. It is famous for the massive Shelder and even Cloyster that can be found within with massive pearls.
Fort Spinel Located just east of Lake Lapis and Lazuli Town, Fort Spinel is the main outpost for the League in this area. Unlike Fort Garnet in The Vale, Fort Spinel focuses far more on advanced training, specifically that of aquatic combat and training. Rangers trained in this area tend to be extremely skilled at aquatic combat, and some have even been rumored to be able to track through the rivers. The main function of this outpost, aside from training, is entirely secret, although the popular rumor is that it was created to watch Cerulean and train a force capable of subduing any rebellion in the region.
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