The Shadow Suns

The Shadow Suns are an extremely powerful organization that works in the shadows of the great city of Bahna. The rich known they exist, but contacting them is difficult at best. They provide all sorts of services; a squad of elite guards, assassinations, kidnapping, theft, information; you name it, the Suns can likely do it. Jax and Shirim are the heads of the organization, with Jax clearly being in the position of power. Their base lies in a web of tunnels and caves below Bahna, named "Hell" by the mercs), apparently lost to time. The base is well fortified, with various safehouses around the city as well. The troops of the Shadow Suns are of the best quality; one Shadow Suns mercenary is worth ten of another organization. Still, the organization is small, averaging about 300 fighters and 50 noncombatants. "Noncombatant" is a bit of a misnomer; while their specialty isn't combat, all are skilled in Pokemon battles.

Leaders of the Organization
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While Shirim is technically a leader, she doesn't do much actual leading. She prefers his research, contemplating ancient ruins and attempting to understand deep mystical secrets. He is a powerful Psychic, making him a valuable asset to the organization. While she does take a backseat in the organization, she is a close personal "friend" of Jax and, in addition, her research helps greatly with the overall strength of the guild. Currently she is engrossed in research into magical transportation and walking into her room would reveal hundreds of sheets covered with ancient writing as he tries to comprehend. While her and Jax are lovers, for her the relationship is purely physical. She is completely devoted to her research and, while loyal to Jax, feels very little for him. That's probably fortunate for Jax; with the way he gets around, a true relationship would be dangerous.

Jaqlyn Ardah - Assassins
Jaqlyn is in charge of the portion of the Suns that handles assassinations and other work in the shadows. She is skilled in stealth, poisons, and weaponry, and is not one to be crossed. Her soldiers have rarely seen her smile, and never heard her laugh. While her sour attitude does often annoy Jax (and her repeated refusals of his advances), she is efficient and deadly, more than capable or handling herself in battle and a skilled planner.

Urgrot Falir - Warriors
Urgrot is in charge of the portion of the Suns that handles the brunt of the military force. Pokemon, weapons, and various other functions are handled under Urgrot. He himself is a brute of a man, wielding a massive hammer as he and his Nidoking wreak havoc on his foes. He is a boisterous man himself, drinking and laughing constantly, even in the heat of battle. He takes perhaps a little too much pleasure in killing the soldiers of Carthak, being a Barrite himself.

Alex Coras - Magic
Recruited from Galla, Alex was an older friend of Shirim. While the man is in his sixties and aging quickly, he is a skilled Rune Master and widely acknowledged as the leader of those that practice magic within the Suns. While he is a bit eccentric in his older age, he is still quick to cast a spell and his mind is as keen as a razor.

Garian Morar - Items
A logistical and magical genius, Garian heads the workers in Hell, making sure the entire fortress is capable of running. He himself is skilled with Apricorns, often innovating in ways that none of the others thought possible. He is constantly working, trying to make sure that the fortress doesn't starve while also making sure the soldiers have adequate weaponry.

Sarah Whyte - Pokemon and Politics
The final Lieutenant, Sarah, is actually the wife of a powerful noble in the city. As such, she rarely is actually in Hell. Still, she provides a large amount of political support and is also herself a skilled breeder (in more way than one). With her help the Suns maintain a steady information flow as well as keep a large host of powerful Pokemon ready to be used.

Real Estate

The massive cavernous expanse under Bahna, claimed by the Suns for their own purposes, Hell is a powerful citadel. Large enough to house the large mercenary force and almost unreachable, Hell is the perfect location for those that dwell in the Shadows. It is connected to the outside world through a few key locations (owned by Jax, of course), that all funnel into one way in. The entire fortress is lit with a naturally luminescent fungi, while some parts have torches for extra light. Smooth stone buildings, created by Earth Shakers, cover the caves and tunnels.

Lodgings: For the non-combatants that are used to far better quarters, superior lodgings with most of the common day luxuries exist as well. Hell has comfortable barracks for the soldiers. While no hotel, they are far nicer than what another crew would provide and include a small locker for their gear. Areas are also provided so that Pokemon are not always forced to spend time confined in a tiny ball.
Armory: A massive armory with almost every sort of weapon possible ensures that there is always a large supply of useable weaponry and that nobody will be forced to use an inferior weapon.
The Pit: While not official training, The Pit allows soldiers to pit themselves and their Pokemon against one another to make sure that they are always ready to fight.
Training Fields: Official drilling fields make sure that the soldiers are able to work together as a cohesive body at all times.
Breeding Pens: For the ease of the various Breeders around the area, an advanced Breeding facility is provided.
Mushroom Farms: Since there is a large possibility that Hell will eventually be found out and attacked, a large mushroom farm to provide food is kept well-cultivated.
Well: A well down to a natural water source has also been created, allowing even less reliance on the outside world.
Crafting Quarters: Whether it be for Pokeballs, Weapons, Armor, or even magical vehicles, the Crafting Quarters are kept well-stocked to make sure that workers are never left wanting.
Berry Fields: A large field made to cultivate both Berries and Apricorns, this area is extremely useful for the growing of said resources.
Training Track: Created by Jaqlyn, this course is made to make sure his assassins remain better than anybody else. It is a grueling course, named "The Ringer" by her troops.
Carrier Pidgeotto: Especially bred and trained Pidgeotto, these birds are bred to be the fastest and most agile creatures in the sky, capable of quickly delivering supplies around the world.
Research Facility: This large facility basically belongs to Shirim. He spends hours in here, working on his portals and attempting to enhance his knowledge of the ancient world.
Defenses: The tunnels into Hell are barricaded with easily collapsible stone, making sealing them quite easy. Barricades and watchtowers look over the single entrance into the main body, and the natural choke point makes any invasion a foolhardy endeavor.
Traps: In addition to the soldiers and defenses, many of the tunnels aren't actually safe for travel, and instead are riddled with traps. These tunnels are a deathtrap, and a swift demise awaits any foolish enough to travel them. In addition to the other dangers, the tunnels are stocked with various wild beats. They have been trained to not attack those carrying a magical mark denoting their affiliation with the Suns, although any others are quickly torn apart.
Commander's Quarters: Large, lavish quarters with fine art and tasteful decorations, Jax may have spoiled himself slightly. The other leaders have their own rooms, decorated in whatever ways they felt best.
Hospital: Accidents happen; the hospital makes sure they don't lead to death.
Golems: Golurk have been trained to protect Hell and fight any invaders. They stand as statues throughout the base.

The Soggy Squirtle Tavern
A large tavern within the city, the Soggy Squirtle serves as the first entrance to Hell. It is a popular bar, with large numbers of men coming in every night to drink. The bouncers hired are exceptionally skilled, and all Suns soldiers drink free. It contains a small armory as well as an alarm system to warn Hell if the need ever arise.

The Golden Gollet
Yet another tavern, the Golden Gollet has many of the same functions as the Soggy Squirtle, although it lies on the other side of city. The two act as rivals, competing with one another for customers.

Located in innocuous apartments far from the other entrances, these heavily locked and secret locations are well stocked with various supplies. There are three within Bahna.

Armory: Each safehouse has a small armory that is kept well-stocked with quality weapons.
Traps: Each safehouse is heavily protected with traps to keep anybody not a part of the Suns out.
Alarms: Magically rigged, any entrance into a safehouse instantly notifies one of the Rune Masters.
Guards: Two Gollet are posted in each safehouse. Their evolution betrays their strength; in truth they are extremely powerful and useful to anyone who needs them. They are ever vigilant.
Medical Supplies: Since a safehouse likely means you are in trouble, they are well stocked with various useful medical supplies.

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