The Vale

The Vale is perhaps the most peaceful region in Kanto, with a few key exceptions. It ranges all the way from Pallet's Coast all the way up to Pewter City. Within the Vale is the best farmland in the whole region, as well as some of the weakest Pokemon. The three cities within the Vale tend to cooperate quite well. Truth be told, the Vale is likely the safest place in the region.


Many of the more famous Trainers in the region come from either Viridian or Pallet Town. They often are able to get a good start out here, as it is the beginning of their training experiences. While many entrepreneurial trainers in the latter half of the world are either crushed by the local wildlife, occasionally escaping with their lives. Around here, the majority of the Trainers in Kanto can at least survive their first encounter and become stronger. Trainers from around here grow and adapt to time, becoming the great Trainers of the Kanto region.

Pallet Town Called the 'Town of Beginnings,' many Pokemon Trainers get there start in this little town. The town is extremely famous for its trainers; Red, Blue, Professor Oak; more than a few famous people have gotten their starts in this little town.
Route 1 The easiest of the easy, Route 1 is defined by its worldwide recognition as the easiest place for trainers. That isn't to say it isn't deadly; it's just to say that comparatively you're less likely to die.
Viridian City A large farming town just north of Pallet Town, Viridian City lies almost directly in the middle of The Vale. The town has fallen on hard times; they have to export food to get the vital supplies they need to fend off Wild Pokemon, and can barely afford to keep what they have. Food prices are high in town, as well as all other prices. Fortunately, Team Rocket has a strong presence in town as has been aiding in the recovery.
Viridian Outskirts Outside the thick walls of Viridian City there is nothing but harsh wilderness and farms. These farms are many, and massive. Fortunately, due to biological engineering Rattata are unable to eat the majority of the crops, but that doesn't mean that there aren't dangers. The farmers around Viridian City are some of the hardiest folks in Kanto, and surprisingly strong Trainers.
Route 22 (East) While Route 22 is technically a part of the Malebolge, the eastern part is quite tame. The safest farms around Viridian City lie on this stretch of land. The Wall keeps many of the stronger Pokemon out, and the constant movement of the Red Blades in this area tends to be able to keep anything strong enough to pose a threat to the farmers in check. Unfortunately, these farms are primarily owned by the Bellsprout Alliance, the only true farming company in Kanto, and sell their massive yields lower than other farmers, making life harder for them.
The Wall A massive forty foot tall structure, the Wall divides Route 22 neatly in two. The Red Blades patrol this monstrosity, keeping the beasts of the Malebolge from running rampant through The Vale. This is one of the hardest posts in Kanto, as nearly every day powerful beasts will break against The Wall, and when night falls the true monsters come out from their holes.
Route 2 (South) The southern area of Route 2 lies between Viridian Forest and Viridian City. Even as early as this, normal wildlife is rather rare. The webs of Weedle can be seen, and quite often a cocooned Pokemon can be found. Rangers try to contain the Weedle, but there is only so much they can do.
Fort Garnet Aside from the Ranger Stations within all cities, the Forts scattered throughout Kanto serve as the main source of League power throughout the region. While most serve a specific and sometimes dangerous purpose, Fort Garnet exists mostly as a training area for rookie Rangers as well as acting as the buffer between Viridian Forest and Viridian Forest. Almost every Ranger within Kanto spent at least a year at Fort Garnet training and barely keeping back the horde of bugs.
Viridian Forest In sharp contrast to the rest of the Vale, Viridian Forest is quite literally a death trap. The Weedle of this are are innumerable, and those that travel through the forest do so with great preparation. About a third of those that enter never return. Aside from a larger Abra colony and a small town of some of the hardiest people in Kanto, there is nothing but Weedle and corpses in this silent forest, aside from the rumored Toxicit Crew headquarters.
Brightleaf Village The lone settlement in the forest, this village is full of the very brave and very foolish. Most of the people here are well versed in Botany, growing Brightleaf, a strange herb that helps to defend against the toxins. These trainers tend to fall into two groups; those here to try to make (the admittedly large) profits, or those that have a Bug-like heritage and have become outcasts elsewhere. They rarely leave the village, except those that help in the traveling caravans.
Route 2 (North) The Rangers on the northern side of Route 2 are somewhat more effective at containing the Weedle, but that's likely due to the large number of Rock Pokemon in the area. This area is still dangerous though; the roaming herds of Rhyhorn are a danger for Trainers no matter their power.
Pewter City The City Under the Mountain as it is called has well earned its name. While there is a large settlement enclosed by the wall outside, Pewter City is almost entirely inside Mount Pewter. The city is tough, hardy, and bland, as many of the people are. The City is almost entirely cut off from the world; all supplies must come through either Mount Moon or Viridian Forest, making it so that Pewter City has become almost entirely self-sufficient.
Route 3 (West) To the east of Pewter City, this treacherous mountain road leads to either the path above Mount Moon or the lone tunnel through. Rhyhorn packs roam the area quite commonly here as well, and there are even groups of the Nidos as well. While dangerous, this is the only way to proceed through past the Vale, and leads to the Lunar Range.
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