The Wall

The Wall is a massive construction about a day out from Viridian City. Thirty feet high, ten feet thick, this structure can keep out most anything. Too high for Mankey to climb and too well defended for a Nidoking to push through, this construction is pivotal to Viridian City's survival. The Wall is staffed by the Red Blades, a skilled mercenary band that has barely suffered any major casualties at the wall. They patrol day and night, massive crossbows ready to rain death down upon any beast stupid enough to come near the wall. The Red Blades have developed a small town near The Wall as well; nothing fancy, but basic provisions, weaponry, and various other useful tools can all be found, for a price.

Tales of Legends

Players Killed on Route 1


Players Knocked Unconcious on Route 1


Players Injured on Route 1


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