Game: Battle City

The Pokeball King

Name : Timothy Smith
Age : 17
Height : 5'4''
Weight : 83 lbs

Level 3 Capture Specialist

Small, tricky, and quick with a Pokeball, all Timothy wants to do is catch them all.


Timothy really likes balls.

Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes
Body +2
Acrobatics: Untrained (2)
Athletics: Untrained (2)
Combat: Untrained (2)
Intimidate: Untrained (2)
Stealth: Novice (3)
Survival: Novice (3)

Mind +4
Guile: Novice (3)
Perception: Untrained (2)
Education (Technology): Adept (4)
Education (General): Pathetic (1)
Educations: Untrained (2)

Spirit -1
Charm: Pathetic (1)
Command: Untrained (2)
Focus: Untrained (2)
Intuition: Pathetic (1)

Combat Stats
Hit Points 52/52
HP 12
Attack 8
Defense 5
Sp. Attack 5
Sp. Defense 5
Speed 12

Injuries: 0

Moves and Capabilities

Struggle (Attack, At-Will, AC4, Normal DB4: 1d8+5 / 10, Melee)
False Swipe (Attack, At-Will, AC2, Normal DB4: 1d8+5 / 10, Melee, Pass, Can't drop below 1 HP)

Capabilities: Overland 5, Underwater 2, High Jump 0, Long Jump 1, Power 5
Abilities: None
Action Points: 3/3

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 5/10
Total Pokemon EXP: 4
Total Battle EXP: 0
Total Capture Contest EXP: 1
Total Story EXP: 19
Daily EXP: 1

Pokeball Specialist, (+Stealth, +Guile, +Technology Education, -Charm, -Intuition, -General Education).
Set Body to +2, Mind to +4, Spirit to -1.
Edges: Basic Skills (Survival), Green Thumb, Apricorn Balls
Feats: Capture Specialist, False Swipe, and Curve Ball.
+2 HP, +5 Speed, +3 Attack

Feats and Edges

All Features and Edges taken by the skilled Timothy Smith have their effects detailed within.

Capture Tools


Head n/a
Body n/a
Main Hand n/a
Off-Hand n/a
Feet n/a
Accessory n/a

Key Items

Pokedex 1
Pokeball Tool Box 1


Basic Balls 2 For capturing Pokemanz.
Broken Pokeball 1 Might be able to do something with this…
Kelpsy Berry 0 Applied to Sam.


Held Items


Trainer Dormitory (No Benefit)

Currently Growing:
Black Apricorn Plant (1 Day(s) remaining until harvest potential) (Fertilizer)

The Capture Story

Timothy grew up in Viridian City, just a few miles north of Pallet Town. Pallet Town, where great Trainers are made. Bah. Timothy had hated that saying.

His parents were poor, to say the least. He found himself with lots of free time, but few friends to spend it with. As such, he spent a lot of time studying Pokeballs. After all, there was a lot of money in it. He became well-known in Viridan City for his Apricorn balls over time, despite his families low amount of money.

Timothy was always small, but he was quick, and he was smart. The bigger kids bullied him, and Pokemon Trainers in particular were mean. The Pokeball Master, not actually capable of getting his own Pokemon.

Timothy isn't quite sure why he was invited to Battle Island. He wasn't a battler, that much was certain. Still, he's taking the chance. His Pikachu, Sam, seems nice enough, and her innate powers will make her an incredible ally in his capturing. After all, he's on an island with the most diverse Pokemon in the world. Why not take advantage of it?

Current Traveling Team: 025pikachu.gif066machop.gif016pidgey.gif043oddish.gif
Owned Pokémon (4): Pikachu, Machop, Pidgey, Oddish
EXP to distribute:

Pokémon History:
Sam - Met at Level 10 A brand new companion and Tim's first Pokemon, Sam will hopefully work out for the young Capture Specialist.
Sledge - Met at Level 15 The first Pokemon captured by Tim in Battle City!
Harlon - Met at Level 3 Captured in the Tiny Forest, Tim has decided to keep this Pokemon for now.
Han - Met at Level 9 Captured in the Tiny Forest, Tim has decided to keep this Pokemon for now.

For Sale:016pidgey.gif

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