Name: Topaz
Player: Arcran
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 133 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Title: Fabulous Contest Man
Occupation: Coordinator
Badges: None
Ribbons: None
Seen: 2 (Skitty, Aron)
Caught: 2 (Skitty, Aron)


Level: 2
Class: Coordinator

Hit Points: 64/64

Strength 8 -2
Dexterity 10 0
Constitution 14 0
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 12 0
Charisma 14 0

Damage Reduction: 0
Evasion: 0
Shift Speed: 5


Backpack 1 Store that stuff!
Sewing Kit 1 Topaz has some free time.
Change of Clothes 1 Just in case!
Comb 1 For Nana
Rag and Shiner 1 For Ronar



Name: Nana
Species: Skitty ♀
Nature: Jolly (+2 Speed, -2 Special Attack)
Type: Normal.jpg
Experience: 1,000/1,500
Level: 10
Hit Points: 31/31
Held Item: None.
Current Effects: Cute as fuck
Size: 2'0" (Small)
Weight: 24.3 lbs. (1)

Battle Stats
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 5 2 7
Attack 5 2 7
Defense 5 1 6
Special Attack 2 0 2
Special Defense 4 1 5
Speed 7 3 10
Contest Stats
Beauty 0
Cool 0
Cute 6
Smart 0
Tough 0


Cute Charm
Trigger - Daily
Effect: When an opposite gendered foe attacks the Pokemon with Cute Charm, they become Infatuated after damaged is dealt.

Overland 6, Surface 4, Jump 2, Power 1, Intelligence 4, Tracker

Natural Moves

Fake Out Normal.jpg Battle 2 1d12+6 A.png Melee, 1 Target, Interrupt You may only use Fake Out at the beginning of an encounter, as an Interrupt. Fake Out Flinches the target. Cute - 2d4 - Round Starter
Growl Normal.jpg At-Will 2 - N.png Ranged (5), No Target, Burst Growl creates a 5-meter Burst. Growl lowers all Legal Targets Attack 1 Combat Stage. Cute - 2d4 - Excitement
Tackle Normal.jpg At-Will 3 2d8+6 A.png Melee, 1 Target, Dash - Tough - 3d4 - No Effect
Tail Whip Normal.jpg At-Will 2 - N.png Ranged (4), 1 Target The target’s Defense is lowered 1 Combat Stage. Cute - 2d4 - Excitement
Foresight Normal.jpg At-Will - - N.png Self, No Target The user’s Normal-Type and Fighting-Type Moves can now hit and affect Ghost-Type targets. Foresight’s user is unaffected by the effects of Moves which make them have to roll higher during Accuracy Checks to hit. Targets may not use their Speed stat to modify Accuracy Checks. Foresight’s user can identify the real target using Double Team. Smart - 1d4 - Good Show!
Attract Normal.jpg EOT 2 - N.png Ranged (10), 1 Target Attract Infatuates the target. Attract may not affect something that is the same gender as the user or something that is genderless. Cute - 2d4 - Excitement

Nana is Topaz's first Pokemon. She is as driven as her trainer; at first she tried to excel in battles, using underhand tricks to get an edge, but now she is a Contest Pokemon, shining brightly in every competition, especially Cute ones.

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