Trab Pokemon
Modest Nature (+Special Attack, -Attack)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 6 +11 17
Attack 4 +0 4
Defense 5 +2 7
Special Attack 10 +7 17
Special Defense 4 +1 5
Speed 5 +10 15
Athletics 2d6 Acrobatics 3d6+2
Combat 2d6+1 Stealth 4d6+2
Perception 2d6 Focus 2d6
Overland 6 Swim 3
Burrow 1 High Jump 1
Long Jump 1 Power 1
Naturewalk (Grassland, Forest)

Sangria: Female Bellsprout Type: Grass.jpgPoison.jpg Held Item: None Digestion Buff: None
Level 21, 500/530 EXP HP: 82/82 Injuries: 0 Tutor Points: 1/5
Training Brutal (+1 Critical Range, +1 Effect Range)
Ability Usage Special Effect
Spinning Dance At-Will, Free Action Trigger: The user is targeted by an attack, but is missed If not Fainted, Paralyzed, or Asleep, the user gains +1 Evasion and may immediately Shift 1 meter.
Dodge Daily, Free Action Trigger: The user is hit by a Damaging Move The triggering Move instead misses. Defensive.
Gluttony Static The user may have up to three Food Buffs at once, use up to three Food Buffs per Scene, and may eat two refreshments per half hour.
Type Strategist (Poison) Static Whenever the user uses a Move of the Type associated with Type Strategist, they gain +5 Damage Reduction for one full round. If they are under 1/3rd of their Maximum Hit Points, they instead gain +10 Damage Reduction. Defensive.
Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Special Effect
Struggle At-Will 4 Normal.jpg DB 4 - 1d8+6 / 11 A.png Melee, 1 Target -
Giga Drain Scene x2 2 Grass.jpg DB 10: 3d8+10 / 24 S.png 6, 1 Target After the target takes damage, the user gains Hit Points equal to half of the damage they dealt to the target.
Stun Spore Scene x2 6 Grass.jpg - N.png 6, 1 Target, Powder The target is Paralyzed.
Sleep Powder Scene x2 6 Grass.jpg - N.png 4, 1 Target, Powder The target falls asleep.
Sludge Bomb EoT 2 Poison.jpg DB 11: 3d10+10 / 27 S.png 8, 1 Target Sludge Bomb Poisons the target on 15+.
Poison Powder EoT 6 Poison.jpg - N.png 4, 1 Target, Powder The target is Poisoned.
Toxic Scene x2 - Poison.jpg - N.png 4, 1 Target The target is Badly Poisoned. Toxic cannot miss.
Improvements / Edges
Source TP Cost Effect
Attack Suppressant (3) 0 -3 Attack
Underdog's Strength 1 +1 All Stats, Cannot Evolve.
Culinary Appreciation 0 Gain Gluttony.
Type Ace (Poison) 0 Gain Type Strategist (Poison).
TM 06 (Toxic) 1 Learn Toxic.
TM 36 (Sludge Bomb) 1 Learn Sludge Bomb.
Advanced Mobility 1 +2 Overland.
Skill Improvement 1 Increase Stealth by 1 Rank.
Type Effectiveness
Double Resist (x0.25) Grass.jpg
Resist (x0.5) Fighting.jpg Water.jpg Electric.jpg Fairy.png
Super Effective (x1.5) Flying.jpg Fire.jpgPsychic.jpg Ice.jpg
Inheritance Moves
Giga Drain (20), Magical Leaf (30)
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