Wave Maker

Wave Maker


The Wave Maker is a Trainer that makes their home in the sea, jetting among waves without an issue. Water is their weapon, and a versatile tool it is indeed. Water has a myriad of uses, from pushing opponents back to shooting high powered streams. Whenever their is a source of water nearby, however small, a Wave Maker's power grows. With the ability to shatter stone, a Wave Maker has a potent power indeed.

Wave Maker
Prerequisites: Elemental Connection (Water), Novice Combat, Novice Focus
Effect: Your Underwater Capability is now equal to your Overland Capability. You gain the Gilled Capability.

Forceful Wave
Prerequisite: Wave Maker
Battle/15 - Standard Action
Effect: You make a Push Combat Maneuver at a range of up to 5, using your Focus Skill instead of Combat. The Push may originate from any direction you choose. If you succeed, treat the Target as if they had been hit with the Move Soak. Targets Immune to Water Type attacks are Immune to this Feature.

Water Cannon
[Ranked 2][+SpAtk][+Speed]
Rank 1 Prerequisite: Wave Maker
Rank 2 Prerequisite: Wave Maker, Adept Focus
Rank 1 Effect: You learn the Moves Water Gun and Water Sport.
Rank 2 Effect: You learn the Moves Surf and Rain Dance.

Leaping Waves
Prerequisite: Water Cannon Rank 1
1 AP - Swift Action
Effect: You may originate your Water-Type attacks from any significant source of water within X meters of you, where X is your Focus Rank. "Significant" Sources of water are at least a deep puddle; smaller sources such as this may be used up after a single Water Gun, but larger sources of water - such as a lake or a flowing water line - can be used repeatedly. It would take a large puddle (pretty much filling a square) to use Surf in this way. Attacks used in this way Trip a Target on 18-20 on Accuracy Check.

Splash Damage
Prerequisites: Water Cannons Rank 1, Expert Focus
1 AP - Standard Action
Trigger: You use a Special Water Typed Move
Effect: The Move you use hits an additional adjacent target. If the Move you use already hits an area, instead choose an additional target adjacent to any edge of the area of effect. Activate Splash Damage only once per Move.

Prerequisites: 5 Wave Maker Features
Effect: You gain the Wash Away Ability.

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